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Amy Rothenberg ND
2 min readFeb 11

I often write and speak about health-related topics, but the subject of this podcast (link below) is different. Hosted by Wanda Wallace, PhD on her VoiceAmerica Show, Out of Your Comfort Zone, we delve into how to influence others, especially those in a position of power and how to sustain efforts that take a long time. This is probably the best interview I have ever given and might also be filed under “a love letter to my profession.”

Dr. Wallace’s has an inspired capacity to draw parallels across widely divergent subject areas and see the enduring common threads that lead to successful efforts and progress regardless of what you’re working on.

I shared extensively about “what is naturopathic medicine” and then strategies used in our long legislative effort to successfully license naturopathic doctors in the state of Massachussetts. A lot of great stories in this interview and Dr. Wallace is clear and able to summarize and synthesize on the spot! Super fun.

Here’s the link to our one hour conversation. Enjoy!

More about Dr. Wallace From the Leadership Forum Website:

Dr. Wanda Wallace is Managing Partner of Leadership Forum. LF helps organizations improve the quality of their conversations in every aspect from strategic insight, to talent, teams, inclusivity and individual capability. Better conversations result in better relationships which lead to better performance.

​Wanda speaks, coaches leaders, conducts seminars, and works with teams at all levels in the global corporate context. She works around the world and is versed in leadership, politics and strategic perspective.

​With her latest book, she has extended her experience watching men and especially women transition to more senior roles where the team knows more than the leader. This can be a trap for expert executors transitioning to roles with greater span of responsibility. You Can’t Know It All: Leading in an Age of Deep Expertise explains why this is an issue, how it impacts performance and what to do about it.

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Amy Rothenberg ND

American Association of Naturopathic Physician’s 2017 Physician of the Year. Teacher, writer and advocate for healthy living.