Gentle Medicine for a Summer Cold

I am blessed to work with a wonderful partner, to live under the same roof with a patient, sweet and creative man. We share so much in this life: our values, our love of children- our own & others, a passion for growing things, interest in natural medicine and sometimes….germs!

One summer a few years back we both got a sad summer cold. …

As we head into this summer 2021, I have the Olympics on my mind. I think back to a sultry day in 1972, sitting spellbound in front of a Magnavox TV. Wide-eyed on the cool linoleum floor, I am riveted to the screen where Olga Korbut, the spritely Belarusian gymnast, strikes a pose. With her twinkling eyes and pixie grin, she zips along her floor exercise routine, performing her heart out, ending, her jaw jutted out in triumph. I have a distinct thought: I want to be in the Olympics.

Instead, I become a naturopathic doctor.

Not exactly the same…

Chronic Insufficient Sleep Another Risk Factor for Dementia

photo credit @ketut-subiyanto

A study released this week shows a clear association between insufficient sleep during middle age and the evolution of dementia some years later. Nearly 8000 people were followed for 25 years. Those with six or less hours of sleep at 50, 60, and 70 years old, compared to those who logged in 7 or more hours, had a 30% increased risk of developing dementia in their 70s, regardless of socioeconomics, other lifestyle behaviors, cardiac health, mental health or cognitive health history. …

We’re in the midst of National Public Health Week, where contributions of public health professionals and movements are noted and where we draw attention to the pressing issues central to improving the health of our nation.

This year’s theme is Building Bridges to Better Health and there are daily activities to partake in listed here.

More essentially, today the national Center for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) came out with a sweeping direct statement:

Racism is a Serious Threat to the Public’s Health.

As the foremost public health institution in the land, this fact-based statement by its new director…

Studies show proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) make people more susceptible to falling ill with COVID-19 and having more serious illness.

Photo by John Moeses Bauan on Unsplash

As the worldwide pandemic stretches into its second year, analyzing data collected from COVID-19 patients brings pertinent and actionable information. In an ongoing story related to challenges with medication for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD,) a number of meta-analyses, find that those who use proton pump inhibitors like Omeprazole (Prilosec), Esomeprazole (Nexium), Lansoprazole (Prevacid), and Pantoprazole (Protonix), are at increased risk for developing COVID-19 , and are more likely to develop secondary infections and overall more severe manifestations of COVID-19.

One way PPIs work is by reducing acid in the stomach, which might sound like a terrific idea if you’re suffering…

Natural Medicine Help for Encopresis

Photo by Caleb Woods on Unsplash

When Gina’s parents asked if I could help with their daughter’s constipation, I thought well, sure. This is a common complaint that many family doctors, pediatricians, gastroenterologists, naturopathic doctors and other providers treat. Whether for kids or adults, I have found a number of natural medicine approaches quite helpful.

But Gina had more issues. At 5, she refuses to use the toilet on any regular basis. She urinates fine, but she might go 5–6 days without a bowel movement and then when she does need to move her bowels, she holds it in, sometimes with…

Photo by Dimitar Donovski on Unsplash

As a licensed naturopathic doctor, I have been hearing from patients, family and friends with the same question. Are there things to do to prepare for the COVID-19 vaccine? As I have written elsewhere, there are many parts of the public and personal health response to this pandemic, and one part is the vaccine. Pretty sure Lady Liberty here has her arm up ready for her shot!

What follows are basic principles and thoughts. These ideas have not been tested in clinical trials with COVID-19 vaccine specifically. Along with many colleagues, I am advocating for that to take place. We…

Oil Painting by Henrietta Brown. A Girl Writing; The Pet Goldfinch 1870

I come across this beautiful 19th-century painting recently and am riveted to the image for several minutes. I absorb the peaceful setting, where the girl seems simultaneously unperturbed, yet inspired by her surroundings. I feel her dual experiences of taking something in, and yearning to express something out. It reminds me of an email from a dear friend, about the idea of a workshop and all the forms a workshop might take, where room is made to be present, capture a moment, and inspire creativity.

As a licensed naturopathic doctor for the last thirty-five years, I know that one of my favorite workshops is my clinic and my experiences treating patients.

In this Etch-a-Sketch time of year, when we all get a do-over, let’s-start-afresh chance, I…

Photo by Preillumination SeTh on Unsplash

Pregnancy loss is one of the most challenging experiences women, partners, and families can go through. Often, especially when there are repeated miscarriages or other poor outcomes, the cause seems, whether intentional or not, placed on the woman’s shoulders.

There is an enormous industry related to fertility, focused both on helping women become pregnant, but also helping women stay pregnant and give birth to healthy babies. It is essential to understand all the many factors that go into maintaining and holding on to a pregnancy. So much focus is understandably on the woman, but there has long been research to support the idea that as a man ages, his sperm contribute to less than desirable pregnancy outcomes, and that toxin exposure can also compromise sperm, and that male obesity can impact fertility.

A new investigation has far-reaching implications, and reveals that the general health of the father, before conception, plays an essential role in optimizing pregnancy outcomes.

In this retrospective cohort study published last…

The Role of Obesogens in Our Obesity Epidemic

After 35 years of practice as a licensed naturopathic doctor, I can tell you that some people cannot just not lose weight. They may have come to it genetically, they may have yo-yo dieted for decades, but the truth remains, they weigh more than they want to and the extra pounds impact many other elements of health and well-being, both physical and psychological.

We used to think it was a mathematical type equation where eating less, plus exercising more, equaled gradual and permanent weight loss. While what you eat and how you…

Amy Rothenberg ND

American Association of Naturopathic Physician’s 2017 Physician of the Year. Teacher, writer and advocate for healthy living.

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